18 February 2016

04 April 2014

looking so very grown up.....

31 March 2014

a year......a whole year between posts!

23 April 2013

and a few more photos....Alexander and a friend from school, and my new hair colour... :-)

I know, its been for ever.....

05 October 2012

2 from the other day....the next lot im expecting some missing teeth... :-)

22 August 2012

Early morning photo, snoozing with Scrufty!

14 June 2012

1 week and my little BIG boy will be 7.....7! Yesterday he pulled his first sicky! He went on and on in the morning about his sore finger and sore leg, so I said well if you are sick you need to stay in bed and rest, not get up and play etc. He did stay in bed watching TV quietly until 11am, later in the day he told me he was not really sick he just needed a day home with me.....

23 April 2012

Ohhh my goodness, its been ages, so long that blogger has changed things round and I didn't even know how to post a new entry. Not much has happened and so much has also.... Alexander lost his first tooth just last week, he wiggled and wiggled it, (kinda gross I say) and it came out much to his delight. His adult tooth had been growing up behind it, so he dosent really have a gap!
We also did some baking over the school holidays, not my most fun thing to do but as you can see he enjoyed it, I was still cleaning up the mess when most of the piklets had been eaten.
I love these photos...he can be such a clown :-)
And im not very sure what was going on here....but i found these guys after Alexander had gone onto playing something else!!!
and this delightful image i found on my phone.... a wonderful self portrait, im guessing this is food of some sort, and will be saved for his 21st... :-)

20 February 2012

27 December 2011

Merry Christmas......Oh Merry Christmas......I know not fair to our family in the UK.... :-)

It's been all about the sun, water, BB'Qs, IPods, Nurf Guns.....and sleeps at the pub.....Alexander not me or Dave. He was sooo tired yesterday he fell asleep on the couch at the pub....totally unheard of..... :-) still we had a nice two hours....

Will update more soon.....to nice to be inside, i could blog from my phone but to hard to see outside in the sun, not to mention 2 glasses of wine already.....love to all our family and friends, especially family a long way aways....we miss you so much more at time's like this..... love to you all :-)

24 December 2011

Just 1 more sleep.... :-)

22 November 2011

It's that time of the year again, wasn't it only just a few months ago we did Christmas!

School year winding down now, kids are tied, Alexander slept in till 8am this morning, so was a rush getting ready for School. He has swimming tonight, so will be another rushed evening - home from school, tea, out for swimming, back for bed.....phewwwww!

25 October 2011

More iPhone photos - this thing is soooo much fun...

27 September 2011

a few more photos from my phone.....